July 24, 2011

The air conditioning of the office premises is based on a 4-pipe system produced by Wesper, a worldwide manufacturer. The air conditioning system functions on the “chiller-“fan-coil”- conditioner” principle that is used for the following types of space:

  • Office premises 
  • Restaurants 
  • Commercial premises
  • Administration premises, utility service rooms, dispatcher room, server room and room of boiler operator
  • Halls and vestibules 

The sources of cold are chillers, the two low-noise cooling machines manufactured by York (Great Britain), with productivity of 783 kW each, which works only on cooling. The fan-coils are channel-type conditioners embedded in the suspended ceilings in all the air conditioned premises. All pipes conducting cold to the fan-coils have heat insulators. In addition, to reduce the noise produced by the ventilation and refrigeration systems, special measures like having a resiliently supported base, sound insulation and sound dumpers have been taken.

The parameters of the air conditioning system are designed to provide comfort, namely:
  • 24-hour air conditioning maintaining comfortable microclimate parameters by using the combined supply and exhaust ventilation, with input air heating up to +18°С and humidification to 45% in the winter and cooling down to +20°С in the summer.
  • Further air temperature adjustment to comfortable parameters in each separate office is made through 4-pipe fan-coils with individual-zoned settings.
Recuperation sections of the combined supply-and-exhaust ventilation system help keep energy consumption low.

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