Foto Captor

July 26, 2011

Hot Metal Detector System designed for harshest environments


General Description

The remarkable foto-captor is the leading hot product sensor throughout the world’s steel industry. Its highly advanced infrared radiation technology and design concept serve sophisticated industrial systems in metal manufacturing, heat treatment and glass making.

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Fire Fighting Sistem Sprinkler

July 8, 2011
  1. Wet Riser System : Seluruh instalasi pipa sprinkler berisikan air bertekanan dengan tekanan air selalu dijaga pada tekanan yang relatif tetap
  2. Dry Riser System : Seluruh instalasi pipa sprinkler tidak berisikan air bertekanan, peralatan penyedia air akan mengalirkan air secara otomatis jika instalasi fire alarm memerintahkannya.
–  Pada umumnya gedung bertingkat menggunakan sistim Wet Riser.
– Pada sistem dilengkapi Fire Brigade Connection yang diletakkan diluar bangunan.


1.   Pompa kebakaran terdiri dari Electric Pump, Diesel Pump & Jockey Pump.
  • Apabila tekanan didalam pipa menurun, maka secara otomatis Jockey pump akan bekerja untuk menstabilkan tekanan air didalam pipa.
  • Jika tekanan terus menurun (misal glass bulb pada kepala sprinkler pecah) maka pompa kebakaran utama akan bekerja dan otomatis pompa jockey berhenti.
  • Apabila pompa kebakaran utama gagal bekerja setelah 10 detik, kemudian pompa cadangan Diesel secara otomatis akan bekerja.
  • Jika kedua pompa tersebut gagal bekerja, alarm akan segera berbunyi dengan nada yang berbeda dengan bunyi alarm sistim, untuk memberi tahukan kepada operator akan adanya gangguan.
  • Sistim bekerja pompa Fire Hydrant adalah “Start otomatis” dan “Mati secara Manual”.
  • Pada saat pompa kebakaran utama bekerja, wet alarm valve akan terbuka dan segera membunyikan alarm gong. Aliran didalam pipa cabang akan memberi indikasi pada flow switch yang terpasang pada setiap cabang & dikirim ke panel fire alarm untuk membunyikan alarm pada lantai bersangkutan.
2.  Pressure Switch : Alat kontrak yang bekerja akibat perubahan tekanan.
3.  Manometer : Alat untuk membaca tekanan
4.  Time delay relay : Alat relay yang bekerja berdasarkan seting waktu yang    
     sudah ditentukan.

5.  Safety valve : Alat pelepas tekanan lebih

6.  Pressure Reducing Valve : Alat pembatas tekanan

7.  Kepala Sprinkler (Head Sprinkler) :   Alat pemancar air yang bekerja setelah pecahnya bulb akibat panas yang ditimbulkan oleh kebakaran. Ukuran kepala sprinker 15 mm, kepadatan pancaran 5 mm/mnt, area kerja maks. 144 m2, laju aliran 725 lt/mnt dan setiap katup kendali jumlah maks. adalah 1.000 buah kepala sprinkler.



6 Reasons People Choose Automation

July 3, 2011
Here are a few of the reasons why many people choose to automate:
  1. Greater Productivity = Greater Profit: Automated software helps you to increase your productivity, and therefore to increase your profit. Automation can do a single task easily and quickly without the high risk of error that human employees or less advanced systems have. Plus, you won’t be spending a ton of money paying for manpower. Just make sure you choose a good, reliable software to avoid doing yourself more harm than good. GE Fanuc is currently one of the top rated automation software programs around, but do your research and choose the one that’s right for you.
  2. No More Defective Products: Not only does automated software guarantee an error free job, but it also alerts you to any defective products and stops manufacturing when a defect is detected. This can save you wasted time and wasted supplies.
  3. You Choose the Job: At any time, you have the power to program the automation software to begin a specific task. All you have to do is run the program, and the work you need will get started right away. You can even set up your software to perform certain tasks at a set time each day.
  4. No Whining: Unlike humans that can get easily bored (and unproductive!) because they are doing the same thing over and over again, automation systems can do the entire task for you without complaints. You can be sure that you will be using it for a long period of time.
  5. Jobs Done Correctly and Constantly: When you use an automation system, you’ll have the comfort and security of knowing that the entire task you’ve requested is being done correctly and constantly. You won’t have to worry whether or not one of your employees is slacking off or doing the job incorrectly
  6. More Money in Your Pocket: Automation systems can help you save a lot of money. Although you have to pay a hefty sum for the installation of the automation system, you can still gain that money again—plus some– because you won’t have to pay for labor, cost, or employee training. Plus, your profit will increase because of the greater productivity.

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