Construction Contracts 3

July 3, 2011

Construction Contracts

Kontrak Konstruksi (3)

Concern on Construction Contracts

Concern for both Service Provider and User Services to the construction contract is very low. Usually the contract recording made in large quantities (sometimes more than 10 copies). Any agency that is not necessarily relevant to the contract each gets a copy.

But let alone read, perhaps never opened it, until the contract expires. The book contract just to be on display in a cabinet. The new contracts come to be seen if problems arise. Problem solving becomes obstructed because of the need quite a long time to understand the contents of the contract.

Contract Administration 

Because of concern for the contract is very low, then the administrative management of the contract does not run properly. Officers are definitive and specific professional and contract process does not exist. That there is usually the officer who serves another task and most do not qualify as a contract administrator.

Construction Contract Claims

Until 1997 almost unheard of any Service Provider who filed a claim construction. This may be due to the Servicer afraid to make a claim. Claims are considered taboo because of misconceptions. Claims considered the demands, but the real meaning no more than a request. True, the claim can be turned into a claim or lawsuit if the claims were not met.

What emerged is a new claims of foreign companies operating in Indonesia.The writer heard of a single industrial construction services company originated in France known as the experts claim that given the nickname “Claim Artist” won the tender center of hydroelectric generating large in West Java at a cost of millions of dollars. As soon as he was preparing expert claims, the claims put forward nearly approaching the value of the contract and prove his claim is received and paid. Maybe that is why at the time of the tender the company bid a low price (because from the beginning he has seen an enormous opportunity claims.)Kontrak Konstruksi


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