July 24, 2011
Most building is equipped with a mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation system that consists of air-supply plants located in technical premises and includes: air intake with heat-insulated valve and flap, air filter, heating chamber and air cooler, ventilator, sound dumper, as well as automatic control of air parameters and anti-freezing thermo-elements control.

The ventilation system is equipped with modern filters for coarse and fine air purification. The exhaust ventilation system in offices and common areas is equipped with low-noise aggregates

The ventilation of the underground parking garage has a separate supply-and-exhaust system with sensors for carbon dioxide and methane that are connected to the main system controls.

In the event of a fire, the building is equipped with a smoke removal system that activates automatically and shuts down all the other ventilation systems. All technical areas that contain ventilation equipment have been soundproofed.

The ventilation system provides constant air refreshing as follows:
  • For office premises — 60 m3 per hour per 1 person
  • For conference rooms — 20 m3 per hour per 1 person
  • Per toilets — 75 m3 per hour.

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