Electricity-SmallMITRA GLOBAL SARANA, cv is a company engaged in mechanical and electrical servicesthat serve all customers both government and private agencies.

Along with trust, support, and cooperation of its customers and partners, we have been and will present works best as an offering to all customers, society, humanity and the environment.

The company realized that as one of the pillars supporting the development of a national asset, it should take responsibility and participate in improving the welfare of the community in preserving the environment and make use of synergies within other national resources.

With the support of talented human resources, dedicated and loyal, the company will be able to develop science and technology, followed by the application management system that refers to increasing the competitiveness of companies with the ultimate goal to be achieved is customer satisfaction.

As a company engaged in mechanical and electrical services, we try to provide the best service to our customer supportstaff of qualified, experienced the work as a team, and supported the suppliers who provide materials with the best quality at the best price and supported by communication, coordination with the assignor. All this produces good quality work, competitive rates, work efficiency and on time.

The scope of our job retention that can be carried out include:

1. Field Mechanical

Sub field : Control Air System, Water System, Wastewater System, the  System,  Fire brigade

2. Electronic field

Sub field : Building Automatic System, Fire Alarm Systems, Security Systems, Sound system, data and voice communication systems, system MATV, Access Control Systems.

3. Field Electrical

Sub field : Medium Voltage Power Distribution System, System Transformer, Low Voltage Power Distribution Systems, AMF system, the System Public Street Lighting, Lightning arrestersystem

4. Electrical Switchboard & Control Panel

Sub field : Low Voltage Main Distribution, Capacitor Bank, Manual & Automatic Synchronizing Panels, Automatic   Transfer Switch & Interlock Panels, Electrical Process Automation with PLC, Motor Control Center (MCC) Panel, Soft Starter & Inverter DC drive Panels, Soft Starter Panels & Inverters DC Drives, Pump & Fire  Control Panels, Indoor / Outdoor Lighting Panel.

MITRA GLOBAL SARANA, cv , has a strong commitment to providing the best products and services. Sustainability in cooperation with partners is a key goal that had the support of all company business lines.

With optimal performance, the company has a high competitiveness in the face of a dynamic market situation. Supported by the experience, knowledge and skills of human resources that are owned, and combined with the company’s dedication to social aware , makes a variety of business opportunities offered to the partners have added value, which is owned by another company.


“Being a company that is rapidly growing, profitable and able to adapt to any changes in Indonesia “


 Improve the quality of work produced
 More enhance productivity, safety and health and the Environment
 Placing himself as a good partner for each client
 Achieve international standards
 Encourage the advancement of quality local products
 Assisting National Global welfare
 Thus, we will always put customer satisfaction as the main target

Our commitment to achieve the goals / targets are:
 Timely work
 Prices guaranteed and compete with high working efficiency
 High Quality International Standards equivalent
 maximum product performance
 The work environment should always be clean and tidy
 Increasing Q, C, D and livelihoods of employees continuously


Providing good service according to customer needs in the field of mechanical services and electrical, good planning design, implementation and supervision.


MITRA GLOBAL SARANA, cv as electrical mechanical services company, in order to carry out the functions and role as a partner of the Government, Private, fellow business and electrical mechanical services in meeting the need for good business and secure.


Provide convenience to users and services that can be trusted as a colleague who can assist in every field of mechanical and electrical needs.

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