August 26, 2011


Mechanical seal is the best answer by a pair or several pairs of perpendicular to the axis of relative sliding of the end for the fluid pressure and the compensation mechanism in the elastic (or magnetic) to keep under seal affixed to merge to achieve together with auxiliary shaft seal leakage resistance device.

Mechanical seal structure used by the geostationary ring (stationary ring) 1, rotating ring (ring) 2, the elastic element 3, the spring seat 4, 5, set screws, rotating ring supporting ring 6 and the stationary ring composed of auxiliary components such as seals 8 , 7 fixed to the gland against resellers to prevent the stationary ring 9 on the turn. Rotating ring and stationary ring often can be compensated according to whether they have the ability to axial or non-compensation is also known as the compensation ring.

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August 26, 2011


Mechanical seals are used to prevent leakage from rotating equipment such as pumps or compressors. There is always a risk of a liquid, such as oil, leaking out of a pump and contaminating the environment. Seals reduce the probability of leaking by wrapping around a pump and providing a tight enclosure. There are several types of seals available to protect mechanical pumps.

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August 26, 2011

Pumps aboard ship outnumber all other auxiliary machinery units. They include such types as centrifugal, rotary, and jet pumps. In the following section we discuss these different pumps and their application to the engineering plant.

Centrifugal Pumps

Aboard gas turbine ships, centrifugal pumps of various sizes are driven by electric motors to move different types of liquid. The fire pump and seawater service pump are two examples of this type of pump.

A basic centrifugal pump has an impeller keyed to a drive shaft, which is rotated by an electric motor. The drive shaft is fitted inside a casing, which has a suction inlet and a discharge

Figure 9-1.-Centrifugal pump.

outlet. Figure 9-1 shows the arrangement of components in a centrifugal pump.

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